Try Ceylon Cinnamon powder for any recipe that calls for Cinnamon powder to bring some sophistication and depth of flavor. A recipe that uses Ceylon Cinnamon never tastes like cinnamon. Like salt and pepper, cinnamon should never dominate a recipe. And Ceylon Cinnamon powder does this in spades. Because it is subtle and has hints of citrus which adds to the flavor. The overt Cassia Cinnamon by contrasts dominates, over powering most recipes.

If you get a good quality 100 mesh Ceylon Cinnamon powder it adds just the right amount of texture to soups and stews without being gritty. Ideally you want to get as fresh as possible. The powder deteriorates faster than the sticks, so look for powder that comes in a closed container and not a bottle exposed to light.

The magic of Ceylon Cinnamon is deceptive. It's subtle mild taste makes it the perfect blender. It bring together all the other ingredients whether it is other spices or herbs to create an incredible taste sensation. Ceylon Cinnamon powder is perfect for marinating steaks and pork chops. For soups and stews it beyond compare. Blender it into cocktails or smoothies. This is the diplomat of foods that bring everyone together. But never takes center stage.


Cinnamon powder recipes and benefits

  1. Brew into a Tea - Simply boil your water, add 3/4 tsp of Cinnamon Powder per cup, let to brew for 3 minutes, strain with a coffee filter and drink. Even better, use a coffee maker to brew your Cinnamon powder tea.

  2. Bake - Try this Cinnamon powder with any baked goods like Cinnamon butter cake, empanadas, roti and you will be mesmerized with the subtle aroma and wonderful taste.

  3. Make stews and soups - When winter comes there is nothing like a stew made with cinnamon powder to warm the whole body. While many people use cinnamon sticks in stews, you can add cinnamon powder to stews, which incidentally gives it more texture as well.

  4. Sprinkle on fruit - Cinnamon works especially well with fruit like Apple, Oranges, Tangerines and Watermelon. Add some flair and subtle flavor to your fruit.

  5. Make Smoothies - The possibilities are endless here. Whether you are training and need an energy packed drink with the digestion powers of cinnamon or need an interesting way to drink Cinnamon powder a smoothie with minimal sugar is an easy sell for the stomach.

  6. Cocktails - Want to turn it up a notch? Nothing makes a fine cocktail with good quality Ceylon Cinnamon powder. This is refinement at it's finest.

  7. Add to Pancakes or Roti - We have added one cinnamon Roti recipe, a kind of Sri Lanka pancake with shredded coconut which is healthy and easy to make.