Want a simple bleach free alternative to get rid of those mold spores that build up in your bathroom or shower? Try some Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil to prevent and remove mold. Child & pet friendly. Zero toxic chemicals. All natural. Not only does it smell great, unlike bleach Cinnamon Oil does not not stain easily.

Cinnamon for Mold

Cinnamon is a powerful anti bacterial agent that delivers many other health benefits and applications. so you can use it for multiple purposes, not just for mold.

Please note this is to prevent and remove small mold spots that build up under the sink, bathroom and showers. If you have a massive mold problem in the walls, air vents and other areas often caused by water leaks, then you need to get professional help to remove walls, fixtures, air vents and the like that have been too badly contaminated so that the only option is removal.

You also need to address the cause of water leaks or high humidity. Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf is merely an aid to prevent and remove small mildew spot in damp areas.


Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil works because of a compound called Eugenol which is extremely effective against mold, fungus and bacteria. While this study (PDF) only used Cinnamon Bark Oil with 7-9% Eugenol content, even that was 80% effective against killing Mold. Now imagine a good quality Cinnamon oil with 75% Eugenol content.

According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, after 3 days of storage, almost complete mold inhibition was obtained with 6% cinnamon essential oil coated food packaging.

This study found Cinnamon oil showed promising bacterial inhibitory activity even at low concentration.

Remember only Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil with minimum 75% Eugenol content is the most effective against Mold. Cinnamon extracts, synthetic Cinnamon Oil formulations, Cassia Cinnamon oil with it's lower Eugenol content and blends do not work. So if you are getting Cinnamon Oil get the best. You can also use

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil for mold which is even more effective, but the cost is prohibitively expensive. The Ceylon Cinamon Leaf Oil is far more cost effective and works nearly as well.


Around the bathroom
we would suggest you first scrub the mold with a 1% Ceylon Cinnamon leaf Oil and water solution. Wear a mask, gloves and eye wear (if possible). Rinse, wash the whole bath tub/shower, dry all surface areas and then spray 100% Cinnamon Leaf Oil on areas that has visible mold spots and leave it to dry naturally overnight or during the day.

If the situation is severe it would be better to remove the caulking and put new anti mold caulking. But regular use of Cinnamon Leaf Oil to disinfect your bath and shower will prevent mold growth that slowly creeps up on you and also reduces the chance of foot infections like athletes foot from the shower floor.

Under Kitchen Sinks, spray the 1% Cinnamon leaf Oil and water solution, wipe with a micro fiber cloth, rinse with water, repeat. Then spray 100% Cinnamon Oil and leave it to dry naturally. Make sure you remove all clutter under the sink. Under sink areas should not really be used to store things.

Cautions :

Hot Like Chili - While a 1% Cinnamon Oil & Water solution is not usually a skin irritant, 100% Cinnamon Leaf Oil is a skin irritant that will create a rapid burning sensation, kind of like rubbing hot chillies on your lips. So it's best to wear gloves when using 100% Cinnamon Leaf Oil.

Not for Pregnant Women - While even at 100% concentration Cinnamon Oil is safe to breath, we do not recommend prolonged breathing of pure Cinnamon Oil. Not that anyone would do it, just saying. Pregnant women should not use Cinnamon Oil as it may cause premature labor contractions.

Interesting Mold Facts

This Finnish study of children aged 1-7 exposed to visible mold found that 13.2% of children developed physician-diagnosed allergic rhinitis during the study period.

  • The Mayo Clinic sites Mold induced Asthma and Allergic fungal sinusitis as some of the more severe complications.

  • The Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Laboratory says that the number of asthma cases attributable to exposure to dampness and mold at home is 4.6 million, at a $3.5 billion annual cost

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola gives an example of even bread already tainted with mold, where wax paper made with 6 percent cinnamon oil inhibited mold growth by 96 percent, prolonging freshness by up to 10 days.


  • Powerful Natural Mold & Fungus Killer
  • Non toxic and safe to breath bleach alternative.
  • Keeps away all other house insects like spiders, roaches, rats
  • Cost effective. All you need is 1% Cinnamon Oil with water
  • Child safe
  • Pet friendly
  • Exotic scent that boosts alertness
  • No oily residue. Works like a fine perfume.
  • Non staining on 99% of surfaces
  • Chemical Free
  • Safe to spray anywhere including enclosed bathrooms
  • Can be used outside and inside the house
  • Anti-bacterial - Can also be used as a very effective disinfectant.
  • Multiple uses - disinfects the house, use for aroma therapy, athletes foot wash and much more.


  1. Regular use of Cinnamon Oil Spray - Keep a bottle of Cinnamon Oil spray in the bathroom and spray once a week on mold prone areas like caulking, grout to prevent mold from taking hold.

  2. Scrub Mold - Wear a mask, gloves and even eye wear to prevent any mold from getting on you and scrub all hard surfaces with the Cinnamon Oil spray. Wash or wipe the surface dry. After drying spray the clean surface again with cinnamon oil and let it dry naturally by leaving the doors and windows of the bathroom/shower open.

  3. Control Humidity - You need to keep your house dry. Bathrooms, under the kitchen sink and other places that are often damp should well ventilated by either running an exhaust fan, leaving the bathroom door open or avoiding clutter under the sink.

  4. Run the Air Conditioner - Especially in humid areas of the United States, you should close all the windows and doors and run the air conditioner from time to time.

  5. Remove Heavily damaged walls with Mold - If your walls have been heavily damaged from a leak you need to remove all the walls. Cinnamon Oil can only do much and cannot get inside walls to kill mold.

  6. Remove indoor Plants - While 1-3 plants can be be well maintained with a regular dose of Cinnamon Oil spay to keep them free of fungicide and surface mold, it is best to keep plants outside. If you do want to keep plants inside regularly dust and wipe the plant and leave them outside every few days in the sun and dry out. Do not over water the plants, as this dampness will grow mold fast.

  7. Use Mildew Proof caulking - Always use the best grade, Mildew proof caulking anywhere in the house. For a few extra dollars, this is money well spent.

  8. Do no paint over - Never ever paint or caulk over moldy surfaces. It makes the problem much worse as the paint will peel the mold toxicity will become much harder.. Clean the mold or replace moldy walls before painting.

  9. Fix Plumbing Leaks - Roof leaks and other water problems, Mold grows fast, especially in humid areas.

  10. Get a Mold Tester - There are many inexpensive and good quality mold testers on the market that can effectively test if you have a mold problem.